Americans Consumed 33 billion Online Videos Last December

2010 February 7
Posted by Trevor

Boom! 178 million US Internet users watched online videos in December. That’s 87% of the total potential audience — very nearly total penetration. I wonder what percentage of Internet users write email — less than 87%? Anyway, of those 33 billion videos, 40% (13 billion) of them were watched at YouTube. But guess who’s next? Hulu — 3%! You TV-horny Americans watched 1 billion videos on Hulu in just one month!

There’s more though — here’s some breakdown: those 13 billion YouTube videos were watched by 136 million viewers, or 97 videos per user. By comparison, Hulu viewers only watched 23 videos each in December. It goes steeply downhill from there — next are Yahoo and Fox, pulling only 9 video views per user.
If you were as surprised as I am about Hulu, get this: Hulu only has 44 million unique users, but still broadcasts twice as many videos as the next site.

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